Club Meetings

Club Meetings are on the second Monday of the month (7:00pm) at the Hunter’s Nest.
Questions regarding the club and membership email us at lakeviewrodandgunclub@yahoo.com (see events calendar for additional information).

2018 Rifle Range And Hours

HoursThe rifle range will be open every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday September 19, 2018 until October  31, 2018, the hours will be:
Open every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am until 4:00pm.

Starting Wednesday, November 1, 2018 through Friday, November 16, 2018, range will be
Open Every Day from 10:00am until 4:00pm.

September thru November 10th cost for sight in will be $10.00 per gun and or per person. November 11th thru November 16th the price to sight in will be changed to $15.00 per gun and or per shooter.

All other times are by appointment only.  This includes rifles, shotguns and pistols at a, minimum cost of $40.00 per appointment. The rifle range has targets set up at 50 and 100yrds.

If you need to make an appointment or have any questions contact Rick O at (414)-704-1080 or email the club at lakeviewrodandgunclub@yahoo.com


Fees for the Rifle Range

Sight-in = $10.00 per gun September thru November 10th. $15.00 per gun November 11th thru 18th.
Scope Mount = $10.00 (you provide the parts)
Bore Sighting = $10.00

Additional work will be estimated.



Pistol Range is open by appointment only. The pistol range is also available to the public by appointment through out the week. You are able to use any pistol up to and including 45 and 44mag. Pistol range is not available when the rifle range or trap lane 4 are in use.

The Pistol range will be closed to the public during rifle range hours. When the rifle range is not in use you may sight in your pistol until a rifle is ready to shoot. No appointment needed. No minimum shooting for this time slot. First come first serve.

For more information regarding the pistol range or to schedule an appointment please contact us at lakeviewrodandgunclub@yahoo.com

Fees for the Pistol Range

1/2 hour of shooting = $10.00 per person

1 hour of shooting = $15.00 per person

2 hour shooting minimum by appointment.